The Five Races of Cyrell;

Welcome to the continent of Cyrell, while you are here you will notice there are five main races. These make up the largest sentient populations on the continent. Each race has a capitol city, and most larger cities are a hodge-podge of the main five, leaning towards whichever race holds sway over that terrotory. There are lesser races throughout, humanoid and otherwise.

Aquatic elves that inhabit the swamps, rivers and lakes of Cyrell. The hue of their skin reflects the territory in which they were born. Lake Arlell are a deep blue, turquoise skin is from the rivers, and the Arlell that live in the swamps are varying shades of green.
These elves are friendly, and will generally aid travelers in their journeys. But they make poor guides on land, as their sense of direction only seems to help them in the water. They can always point you to the nearest source of water.
Be warned though, Arlell of the swamp regions are playful to a fault, and have been known to lead travellers to drown in the swamps in the name of good fun.

A type of Drow, these dark elves live in vast underground complexes. They’re penchant for breeding with the humans of Cyrell have led to a sub-race of half-elves called Braig. The Braig run the smaller cities that mark the entrances to the Braiell territories, and are considered servants of the main houses of Braiell.
Braiell are split into two factions. Those that live close to the surface, and have the largest number of Briag in their bloodlines. These are friendly, and while somewhat wary of outsiders, will help those in need. These dark elves are marked by their jewel-bright blue, green and brown eyes.
Those that live deeper shun the surface world, and will hunt and kill any outsider in their territory. They have only one aboveground entrance, in the main Braiell city, to allow for trade of goods. They send their few Braig to run these tasks for them, and full-blooded Braiell of the lower reaches have not been seen in centuries. They are said to be marked by sickly yellow or pale blue eyes.

These are the humans of Cyrell. Called ‘Grais’ in less pleasant company, they are considered a lesser race. They hold the smallest territory in Cyrell. Quick witted and good hunters, they can get just about anything they need in any territory they inhabit. They shy away from larger cities due to the poor treatment they often receive from the elven races. Due to their short lifespan the breed quickly, and often. They get along well with the Braiell, who enjoy their innovative minds.

Dragons of Cyrell. There are other types that live at random, but the main presence are the Mydrell, mist dragons. All Mydrell are true neutral, neither good nor evil. Despite their vast population, due to their preference for appearing as the humanoid races, it is unknown just how often they actually interact with the other races.

Mephits of various elements, the nature of individual Vyrcell is based on the elements that birthed them. They are small humanoid creatures with wings, whose outward appearance marks their element. The most common are the smoke Vyrcell. Their regions are full of pitfalls and traps, and they are not to be trusted.


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